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The Link is the weekly service sheet, which contains details of forthcoming events and other announcements.  Recent issues of the Link are available by clicking on the links below. Earlier issues are available on the Archive pages (click the links shown to the right or the sub tabs under the Link Home tab above e.g. 2016 Archive).
Events notices and other church activities can be found on the “Events Diary” tab above.


11th November 2018 – Link for Remembrance Sunday (157kB PDF)

4th November 2018 – Link for 23rd Sunday after Trinity (138kB PDF)


28th October 2018 – Link for 22nd Sunday after Trinity (139kB PDF)

21st October 2018 – Link for 21st Sunday after Trinity (171kB PDF)

14th October 2018 – Link for 20th Sunday after Trinity (73kB PDF)

7th October 2018 – Link for Harvest Festival (149kB PDF)


30th September 2018 – Link for 18th Sunday after Trinity (159kB PDF)

23rd September 2018 – Link for 17th Sunday after Trinity (157kB PDF)

16th September 2018 – Link for 16th Sunday after Trinity (113kB PDF)

9th September 2018 – Link for 15th Sunday after Trinity (88kB PDF)

2nd September 2018 – Link for 14th Sunday after Trinity (159kB PDF)


26th August 2018 – Link for 13th Sunday after Trinity (244kB PDF)

19th August 2018 – Link for 12th Sunday after Trinity (331kB PDF)

12th August 2018 – Link for 11th Sunday after Trinity (126kB PDF)

5th August 2018 – Link for 10th Sunday after Trinity (105kB PDF)

JULY 2018

29th July 2018 – Link for 9th Sunday after Trinity (103kB PDF)

22nd July 2018 – Link for 8th Sunday after Trinity (98kB PDF)

15th July 2018 – Link for 7th Sunday after Trinity (77kB PDF)

8th July 2018 – Link for 6th Sunday after Trinity (77kB PDF)

1st July 2018 – Link for 5th Sunday after Trinity (56kB PDF)

JUNE 2018

24th June 2018 – Link for 4th Sunday after Trinity (71kB PDF)

17th June 2018 – Link for 3rd Sunday after Trinity (70kB PDF)

10th June 2018 – Link for 2nd Sunday after Trinity (98kB PDF)

3rd June 2018 – Link for 1st Sunday after Trinity (74kB PDF)

MAY 2018

27th May 2018 – Link for Trinity Sunday  (118kB PDF)

20th May 2018 – Link for Pentecost  (221kB PDF)

13th May 2018 – Link for Sunday after Ascension (102kB PDF)

6th May 2018 – Link for Fifth Sunday after Easter  (85kB PDF)

APRIL 2018

29th April 2018 – Link for Fourth Sunday after Easter (79kB PDF)

22nd April 2018 – Link for Third Sunday after Easter (72kB PDF)

15th April 2018 – Link for Second Sunday after Easter  (102kB PDF)

8th April 2018 – Link for First Sunday after Easter  (72kB PDF)

1st April 2018 – Link for Easter Day  (301kB PDF)

MARCH 2018

18th March 2018 – Link for Lent 5 (88kB PDF)

11th March 2018 – Link for Lent 4 – Mothering Sunday (87kB PDF)

4th March 2018 – Link for Lent 3 (132kB PDF)


25th February 2018 – Link for Lent 2  (269kB PDF)

18th February 2018 – Link for Lent 1 (62kB PDF)

11th February 2018 – Link for Epiphany 6 (62kB PDF)

4th February 2018 – Link for Epiphany 5 (86kB PDF)


28th January 2018 – Link for Epiphany 4 (184kB PDF)

21st January 2018 – Link for Epiphany 3 (104kB PDF)

14th January 2018 – Link for Epiphany 2 (106kB PDF)

7th January 2018 – Link for Epiphany 1 (183kB PDF)